Farmhouse Table Pinewood Antique
Farmhouse Table Pinewood Antique
Farmhouse Table Pinewood Antique
This farmhouse table is made of pinewood which are grown in plantations for timber that is denser,more resinous,and,therefore,more durable than spruce.Because of the high forest cover,all the pinewood are basically uncut,so that after processing,the branches leave a trace of natural growth.When we make the farmhouse table, we show the true and natural beauty of the material.In addition,the high quality pinewood farmhouse table also has a natural smell, that is even good for health. The antique farmhouse table has a very historical and vintage look,let the whole farmhouse table have classic heavy style.
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Our company has its own processing manufacturer and design team, so we can

design the farmhouse table for you, no matter what style you want, until you are


Let me introduce our farmhouse table manufacture firstQingdao Blossom furnishings limited established in 2006. We have our own factories for farmhouse table and chairs,include folding chairs, cross back chairs and so on. We also have office in Qingdao city center for custom documents and sales team. Our own factory covers an area of 60000㎡ which allows us to quickly fulfil pur orders. 

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Let's have a look at antique pinewood farmhouse table

1.Pinewood farmhouse table texture is clear and beautiful,natural color of pinewood.

farmhouse table pinewood antique (2).jpg

2.Because the line of pinewood is full and smooth,so we can easily paint.

farmhouse table pinewood antique.png

3.The knot on the pinewood farmhouse table make the whole table look more natural.

farmhouse table pinewood antique (3).jpg

4.Pinewood itself is very strong,not easy to damage.Pinewood made of pinewood farmhouse table quality is very good,longer than the average wood life.

farmhouse pinewood table.jpg

5.The Antique pinewood farmhouse table paint is waterproof and not easy to corrode.

pinewood farmhouse table.jpg

Our manufacturer can make two kinds of pinewood farmhouse table,one is

Foldable, one is removable.

antique farmhouse table.jpg

In addition,the pinewood farmhouse table can be matched with our folding bench.

farmhouse table antique_.jpg

We also have a lot of colors to choose from.

farmhouse table pinewood antique-.png

Our packing of the farmhouse table is very strict and will not be damaged during transit.

antique farmhouse table.jpg

Antique pinewood farmhouse table advantage:

1. Natural color, the natural color of pine is maintained, and the texture is 

    clear and beautiful.

2. The style is simple and easy, the lines are full and smooth, and the texture 

     is as good as possible.

3. Practical and durable.

4. Strong elasticity and air permeability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance.

farmhouse table pinewood.jpg


We can provide any type of transportation, especially the container, because the general cargo is recommended to be shipped by sea and the freight is low.

farmhouse table pinewood antique.jpg


Our company will provide you with the most perfect after-sale service, we have a special customer service can give you a detailed answer, whether you encounter any problems among, can contact us, know that you are satisfied.

If you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us.

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