Resin Phoenix Chair
Resin Phoenix Chair
Resin Phoenix Chair
Our phoenix chair is light,durable and elegant. Each chair is made of top grade resin material and can carry a weight of 400 kilograms. Our color choices include gold. silver, crystal, black and many more. The chairs are made of resin and come in all kinds of colors,including transparent.
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Over the past few years,our phoenix chair rentals have become 

increasingly popular for weddings,parties and banquets. As time 

goes on,more and more people like phoenix chair because of its 

elegant appearance and unique design.

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Colors can be customized

Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities

Strong and durable, it can carry 400kg

Save time and money by reducing maintenance time

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Resin phoenix chairs are ideal for weddings,banquets and special events,

from leisure to elegant ones. The chair,made of super strong resin and polycarbonate,

is light in weight but strong at the same time. 

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With its durable, lightweight structure and classic style, this beautiful 

chair will be your go-to for all your special activities.

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If you have any other question,don't hesitate to contact us!

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