Resin Victoria Ghost Chair
Resin Victoria Ghost Chair
Resin Victoria Ghost Chair
This beautiful clear resin Victoria ghost chair is perfect in any color on any background. The modern transparent Victoria ghost chair is a new addition to our ghost chairs range. It looks good in almost any scene,and because of its transparent nature, it combines well with any colour theme. Made from high quality polycarbonate/resin. Incredible design without junctions or seams: it is a continuous shape. Using high quality materials for our chairs means that they are durable and scratch resistant. These wonderful items can add a modern flavor to your event.
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Resin Victoria ghost chair combines modern design, elegance and functionality at your home, restaurant and special events. With its simplicity the chair will make your art work and other furniture stand out from the crowd, and even creates the illusion that yhe space looks bigger. 

The seat is designed to be comfortable for you and your guests and its polycarbonate molded structure makes it durable, scratch- and waterproof. When you need to move these beautiful chairs,the plastiv floor slides will protect your floor. 

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The ghost chair is designed for outdoor and commercial use. It is a classic design chair that highlights the decor without blocking the view.

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We guarantee that your guests will love our Victoria ghost chair style! This armless resin Victoria ghost chair will light any room and provide a grand statement at various events, such as wedding receptions.

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The Victoria ghost chair was originally designed by Philippe Starck and made of transparent polycarbonate. It is stable,comfortable,strong and weather resistant. These chairs can be stacked in six layers.

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  • Suitable for the indoor and outdoor events.

  • 100% recyclable super polycarbonate(PC)material.

  • Packing specification:4 or 6 pieces per carton,inside packed with a bubble bag.

  • 100% waterproof. Resistant to ultraviolet ray, does not fade or change color.

  • No screws.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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