Outdoor Folding Banquet Table Wedding Farm Table
Outdoor Folding Banquet Table Wedding Farm Table
Outdoor Folding Banquet Table Wedding Farm Table
Convenient for folding table and transprotation the characteristics of the banquet,conference,exhibition and other places of temporary host sex often see his shadow,has become a indispensable furniture hotel,exhibition and other places.Nowdays many people prefer to be outdoors when they get married.Our wedding farm table is perfect,because its foldable,its easy to move.It is easy to decorate the venue,so this table will be chosen for the general hotel wedding banquet.And it does not take up a lot of space to fold up after the party.

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Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited is a company that specializes in outdoor 

folding banquet table and various supporting chairs,include cross back chairs,

bench,folding chairs,chiavari chair and so on.Our company was founded in 2006.

Our company has its own processing manufacturer,and our factory covers a large

 area.Our manufacturer has folding banquet table and chair producing department,

storage room,warehouse.So no matter how many folding banquet table you need 

we can make it.We also have our own office in Qingdao city center for custom

 documents and sales man. 

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Product presentation:

We have two outdoor banquet or wedding farm tables:

One is a round outdoor farm table

outdoor banquet farm table.jpg

This outdoor farm table can knock down.If you don't use it, you can take it apart and put it away.

Outdoor banquet or wedding farm table.jpg

We also have outdoor folding table.The legs of this circular folding  table are made of iron, so they are very strong and firm, and the iron legs are relatively light and easy to move.

outdoor folding banquet table wedding farm table (2).jpg

When the legs of the folding table stand up.

outdoor folding banquet table wedding farm table_ (2).jpg

Round  outdoor banquet farm table for banquet.It can be used for all kinds of big parties.

outdoor folding banquet table (3).jpg

Round folding table for outdoor wedding.Nowadays most people like to have an outdoor wedding.Traditional round outdoor wedding farm table has the striking of the middle, the meaning is "beautiful", it is the traditional choice of relatives and elders, which can serve as a solemn and grand wedding atmosphere.

outdoor folding banquet table wedding farm table (3).jpg

The other outdoor banquet or wedding farm table is rectangle wooden farm table. 

outdoor folding banquet table wedding farm table (3).jpg

Wooden table legs are relatively thick and do not make a harsh sound when rubbed.

outdoor folding banquet table wedding farm table (4).jpg

Wooden table legs are also easy to fold.All four of our table legs are solid and firm.

outdoor folding banquet table.jpg

The wooden folding table looks flat after it's folded.

outdoor folding banquet table (2).jpg

Rectangular folding table for outdoor wedding.Buffet wedding banquet, the venue choice is broader, not only limited to the banquet hall, the most typical is the lawn, the terrace, the yacht such as romantic outdoor space, the casual sex is more thick.

outdoor folding table wedding table_.jpg

Rectangular folding table for indoor banquet hall.Self-service parties allow everyone to pick their own favorite cuisine.

outdoor folding banquet table wedding.jpg

The packing of our folding banquet table is also very strict, covering many layers with packing film.

outdoor folding table wedding table_ (2).jpg

The worker packed the packed table.

outdoor folding table wedding farm table.jpg


Our company supports multiple modes of transportation,these 

include air transport,rail transport,shipping,especially containers,

and now most customers will choose container,large container volume,low freight.


We have a complete customer service team. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.We will reply you as soon as we see it.We also have a professional processing team.

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E-MAIL: tan@blossomfurnishings.com

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