Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table
Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table
Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table
Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table is made of solid wood with excellent environment performance.The design of folding table is very human, it can save us a lot of space to put.It is also a great help for camping out in the wild.It is easy to put it away.Therefore, folding farm tables are widely used in various places.High quality Plymouth EZ-Folding farm dining table intensity and density are more outstanding,will not appear break easily.This table is designed by the principle of mechanics,use a simpler design structure to bear more weight.
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Plymouth EZ-Folding farm dining table is safe to use, the structure is stable and has a long service life.

plymouth EZ-folding farm dining table.png

Folding leg mechanic detail

We have a peg on the leg of the Plymouth EZ-Folding farm dining table, when used, it can be rotated and tightened so that the table legs can be fixed more firmly.

Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table8.png

Our table legs fold easily into the table,and it’s very easy to transport.

Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table4.png

We have other colors,it can be customized according to your favorite color.

Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table.jpg

We also have this type of folding table with cylindrical legs.

Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Dining Table5.jpg

Our table can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

It goes with our wooden cross back chair or Louis chair. Our tables are foldable and portable.

Plymouth EZ-Folding Farm Table.jpg

Our service:

1. We can supply a free sample.

2. OEM is acceptable

3. Quality control:100% full inspections with random inspections

4. Guarantee12 months limited quality warranty.


We promise to deliver in 15 days and support many kinds of transits,

especially transportation by sea including containers.we will take the 

responsibility until customers get the goods.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.We will reply you as soon as we can.

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