wood farm table manufacturer
wood farm table manufacturer
wood farm table manufacturer
Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited. is a very professional farm table production manufacturer, we have very professional design and processing team.In April, several large wholesalers in the United States visited our farm table manufacturer, and in early may the British Canadian merchants would visit our farm table manufacturer.In our manufacturer farm table from the production of material cutting, burnish, assembly, spray paint the whole process, both sides carefully discusses the main points of the quality control and product structure of the core, to communicate and put forward rational Suggestions,Some customers signed the contract at that time, and some customers needed to confirm the design, and almost all the visitors agreed with the professional degree of our farm table manufacturer
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We are professional furniture manufacturer named Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited. 

The company is founded in 2006. We also have our own factory which covers an area of 

60000 m². It is one of the greatest furniture factories specializing in manufacturing all kinds

 of  wooden tables in Qingdao, especially wooden farm tables and Polypropylene Resin 

Chiavari chairs for wedding or party . Meanwhile, we have office for customer documents

 and sales team in the center of Qingdao city. Besides, we attend CANTON FAIR

 ( Chinese export and import fair) and show our wooden tiffany chairs there. Moreover, 

we have showroom on B2B websites.

farm table manufacturer.jpg

Let me show you around our farm table manufacturer.

First of all, there is plenty of material in our farm table manufacturer. No matter how 

many farm tables you need,we can process the production immediately.

farm table manufacturer material.jpg

Next, show the production process of the farm table in the manufacturer.


The workers in our manufacturer are professionally trained, and they can cut the shape 

of the farm table in different ways.

farm table manufacturer cutting.jpg


The workers are grinding away at every place in the table.

farm table manufacturer 08.png


The assembly of our table is very simple, we can install it at home.

farm table manufacturer 03.jpg

  • Fix the legs of the two farm tables with a stick.

farm table manufacturer 05.jpg

farm table manufacturer 15.jpg

  • Finally, place the desktop on top.

farm table manufacturer 16.jpg

4.The worker put the table in order and was painting carefully.

farm table manufacturer 18_.jpg

2.Processing of farmhgouse tables.png

5.In the end, our manufacturer is very strict in packaging, so there is no need to worry about the damage.

farm table manufacturer 20.jpg

  • The workers wrapped the package in very tight.

wood farm table manufacturer 66_.jpg

wood farm table manufacturer 68.jpg


Customers from all over the world come to visit our manufacturer every year.

And Bob Tan, the owner of Blossom Furnishings Limited often goes abroad to visit clients and make a good friendship. 

We have a large number of clients all over the world. Clients love our products and services very much. 

farm table manufacturer 21_.jpg

farm table manufacturer 26.jpg

Discuss table quality and design ideas with foreign customers.

wood farm table manufacturer.jpg

wood farm table manufacturer 30.jpg

  • Discuss the quality and workmanship of the table.

  • wood farm table manufacturer 32.jpg

The farm table produced by our manufacturer is suitable for any scene.

1. It can be used for corporate big parties.

wood farmhouse table manufacturer 65.png

2. Used for small gatherings between friends and colleagues.

wood farm table manufacturer (2).jpg

3.Our manufacturer farm table can also be used for small family gatherings.

wood farm table.png

In addition, our factory also produces various kinds of chairs, include bench,cross back chair,folding chairs,chiavari chairs,Thonet chairs and so on.

wood farm table manufacturer 03.jpg

wood farm table manufacturer 60_.jpg


All kinds of transportation are available, especially container. We promise to 

deliver in 15 days and support many kinds of transits,especially transportation

 by sea including containers.



Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited will take the responsibility 

until customers get the goods and has wonderful after-sale 

service,including 3% of free parts,the supplement of shortage 

and damage,the recommendation of new products and 12 months 

limited quality warranty.

Evaluation of customers

If you have any questions,do not hesitate to contact us,

it will be a pleasure for us to answer you.

At Blossom Furnishings,the customer is King!


farm table manufacturer 09.jpg

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you in the future.

If you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us.

E-MAIL:  tan@blossomfurnishings.com

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